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Rainbow Bay Pet Cremation. Phone us directly 0427 315 372. Or ask your vet to arrange collection from your vet.

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Real Testimonials

Our customers are our biggest supporters and their words make us truly glad to offer this compassionate and caring service at this sad time. Read that they have to say.

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Customer Testimonials

I wanted to post about the amazing services of Rainbow Bay Pet Cremations we have available to us in the south west. It was hard for me to pre-organise before she died as Ruby had lymphoma, Tim was so caring and understanding and had my mind at ease that she would be looked after when she passed. I was delighted with what was delivered back to my door after she was cremated, it was beyond my expectations. It really helped my grieving process, my little girls footprints, candle, lovely box for her ashes and a beautifully written quote. Thanks again Sharyn and Tim.
Linda Morris and Ruby
Sharyn & Tim completed our precious girl's 15 years on earth with dignity, compassion and class. Jasper knew Sharyn for many years when she practiced in Busselton and I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to take Jasper on her final adventure. Thank You.
I picked up my beautiful Fergie today. Thankyou for making it so much easier and so beautiful .... I miss her so much and what you did means I'll always have her close x.
Thank you for such a beautiful way to pay tribute to our beautiful Molly. Your service treated her with respect and care. Thank you also for the added foot print, some thing that we didn't think about when we said our goodbyes. We love the fact that it is all from the local area as well. Thank you so much.
Lawrence & Tessa Grimshaw
Sharyn and Tim. We would like to thank you for your wonderful service that you offered to us. Cheyenne our Golden Retriever was returned to us very quickly. A beautiful bag, box, foot prints and candle all added to your personal touch. We miss her deeply but so happy that she came to you and Tim. A real credit you and your company are. Hugs
Lillian Napier
Thank you Sharyn and Tim for your care and understanding and support for our beautiful boy 'Zema'. You made it possible for us to take 'Zema' to his favourite place.
Pamela McIntosh
So nice to know there's supportive advice and help for when those decisions are just too hard to make, it was invaluable having you there for us and was truly appreciated.
Amanda Ireland
I'd like to thank you for the awesome service that you provide. My best buddy Bongo who was 14 yrs old was cremated on Dec. 10. When I received his ashes it brought tears to my eyes. His box, gorgeous writings, paw prints and the candle were such a wonderful surprise. I can't thank you enough.
Sue, Roxy and Cody Laskey
My parent's 16 year old beagle Sasha suddenly took ill and needed to be put to sleep to save her from suffering. Thank you so much for quickly and compassionately collecting her from the vet and cremating her without a fuss - thus easing the pain on my parents at that sad time.
Andrews family, Dunsborough

SW Pet Cremation

We are the only pet cremation service in the South West. We ensure your pet is back with you within just a week. We understand how precious pets are and treat every pet with respect and care.

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