How you go about moving forward and trying to get your usual life back on track after experiencing the deep loss and pain of losing your beautiful companion is an intensely personal experience and should never be about other peoples expectations about how you should feel at a specified time. It is a time to take it easy on yourelf. You should also understand that moving forward does not mean you should forget about your pet it is more about trying to achieve your usual living and enjoying your life at the same time as missing your pet.


To move forward try to acnowledge and understand your heart will be forever broken and recognise your need to grieve. Feel ok to take as much time as what you need, it may be a good time to use some holidays and even spend some time alone or with friends and family without the need or stress of having to work. Make space for your feelings and understand they are a reaction to your grief. Some common feelings will be anger, sadness, bitterness, resilience, and compassion. They have a purpose in that they allow you to process and feel the whole loss. Your self protection will try to reduce the intensity of these feelings. But when you are able to address and recognise your feelings you can attempt to move forward and not dwell so much on that same feeling for long periods of time, this will help you to move past the negative or sad feelings and allow you to start to remember and think of all the beautiful and amazing moments you had with your pet, this helps alot to reduce the sadness and can even allow your mood to lift to a happier place (that place your pet would want you to be!).

Hopefully this allows you to be in a place where the grief is not as paralysing and all consuming. Although you may still feel pain and sorrow when you think of your pet you may now be able to do so with a smile and a thought for all those cheeky antics!!!

I hope this helps in allowing you to move forward or to recognise that it will happen at some point when you are ready. In my next blog I will try to address the difficult question of when is the right time to bring a new pet into the family after you have lost your beloved companion.