Methods and strategies to help you cope when your pet has passed.

1.) The denial process

Almost always the very beginning of the grieving process is denial that it has happened. This is also the time you may need to make some (often urgent) decisions about after care. Now people living in Bunbury, Capel, Busselton, Dunsborough, Yallingup, Margaret River and Augusta can rest easy that their pet does not have to travel to Perth for cremation and that their pet can be back at home with them in a short time. If you feel your pets time is coming, it is possible to have all of the aftercare arrangements in place, this can significantly reduce the stress when it does happen.


Denial is your bodies way to not let the grief completely overwhelm you in those early stages. It tends to fade away slowly so we become gradually accepting of the realisation and reality of what has happened. However most people that have experienced grief will understand that the denial process often allows that intense pain to rear up and hit you suddenly, often when you are not paying attention and have let your defenses down. This is usually your bodies way of telling you not to continue supressing your grief, and if you do you will risk stayng stuck or fixed in your grief.

My next blog will deal with ways to move forward and strategies that may help you to move forward when dealing with your own grief.