If you are like my family and I, obsessed with pets since we can remember, you will recall the joy of welcoming a new pet (especially a baby pet) into the family.

They immediately change your world; their antics hold you enthralled; their cuddles and love are endless. It suddenly hits you that you are completely and utterly in love with this adorable creature.

You become so grateful you have this amazing creature in your life to live out their time with you – and you are the centre of their world.

So even if they old and failing or they are unexpectantly taken from us our whole world can collapse. They have managed to intertwine themselves into every aspect of our lives and it becomes difficult to imagine how we could possibly cope without their love and antics in our life.

What could possibly help us cope with this often intense all-consuming grief? It is the same pain felt when we lose a person who has been close to us – but often more intense as that pet has been with us every day, relying on us to feed them, love and care for them and the bond we have formed with them is often very deep.

There is not an easy answer. Time helps to reduce the intense all consuming grief and we are eventually left with happier memories. The pain becomes more bearable but often remains locked in your heart.

Over the next few blogs I will try to address some methods and strategies to help cope when your beloved pet is taken from you to try and help a little in these difficult times.

At Rainbow Bay Pet Cremations, the only pet cremation service outside of Perth in the South West, we understand the grief and pain of losing your pet and offer our service with full sympathy to your loss.